address:Otsu1360, Kariwa, Gosen-shi, Niigata, 959-1756, Japan
Opening Hours :11:00~18:00
After 18:00, please make a reservation.

[Lunch menu]

《cold soba》

 ◆Soba  ¥970

◆Soba with tempura

• 3 kinds of tempura  ¥1,500
• 6 kinds of tempura  ¥1,900

◆Seasonal mountain vegetables and cold soba set  ¥2,700

Soba set

《Hot soba . season limited》

◆ Soba in broth with fried mushrooms

◆ Soba in broth with fried mushrooms and Tempura

◆Chef’s course  ¥5,400

(Carp dish・mountain veggies・seasonal dish)
<If possible make a request before coming by phone>

《Recommendation Dishes》

◆Carp Dish(Sashimi・Boiled Sweetened Fish・Miso Soup)and Starters
(subject to change with seasonal product) 

Set ¥3,300
<With Cold Soba + ¥600><Rice・Pickles + ¥400>


 Carp Sashimi  ¥Ask for price 

 • Sashimi chilled in iced water.

 Boiled and Sweetened Carp  ¥1,100

 • The carp is freshly prepared after order, please count 20 min for it to be ready。Sweetened with shoyu, sake, sugar.

 Carp Miso Soup  ¥550

 • This soup is made with only carp, spring water and miso.

◆Salted & grilled Trout fish   ¥1,100

• Freshly fished from the restaurant pond.

Mushrooms boiled in broth  ¥750

• Mushrooms and vegetables boiled in broth.

◆Handmade Rolled Egg  ¥900

• Possible to choose the sweetness from sweet, regular or not sweet.

Selection of Tempura  ¥1,300

• 8 kinds of tempura (ingredient and quantity may depend of the season), please try it with green tea salt or the special sauce.

◆Fiddlehead salad with tofu and sesame sauce  ¥650

• An edible plant with carrot and tofu made kind of mayonnaise.

Today’s edible wild plants boiled in bonito broth  ¥600

•Boiled in a broth which made it take and good color.
Wild vegetables are seasonal.

◆Fried Gingko Nuts  ¥500


Handmade Sherbet s  ¥500